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Life insurance isn’t a financial decision only, it’s a gift of love.

For the father who knows that someday he wants to walk his daughter down the aisle but knows that bad things can happen that might keep that from happening, there is life insurance.

For the mother who wants to make sure that no matter what happens her kids are not going to miss out on college because there wasn’t enough money, there’s life insurance.

For the newlyweds who know that love is all you need won’t pay the mortgage if sickness or accident befalls their loved ones, there’s life insurance.

When parents of a special needs child think about what will happen to their child when they’re gone, there’s life insurance.

When a member of a congregation wants to leave a gift to their church or synagogue to make up for the hole in their offering plate, there’s life insurance.

When a business owner knows his or her employees would be without a job if it weren’t for them, there’s life insurance.

When a retiree knows that the cost of a funeral is more than their family can handle, there’s life insurance.

There are many kinds of life insurance and many ways to figure out which policy is right for you and how much the death benefit should be. There are many insurance companies to consider. In the end, they all have one purpose and for more than 25 years I have helped families pick the right policies, choose the correct death benefit and pick the right company.

Maybe it should be called “Love Insurance.”

Love happens

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